EWP Certification by CBIP Certified Inspectors

You have a legal responsibility to ensure your access equipment is well maintained and safe to use. As a responsible business owner, you will also understand you have a moral responsibility in this regard as well. At Access Specs, we will help you meet those responsibilities with minimal hassle.

All our technicians are highly experienced and trained, with that experience extending to all makes and model of access equipment. In addition, they are also all CBIP certified. This means they are qualified under New Zealand regulations to check, inspect, repair, and certify your access equipment as safe to use.

6-Month Certifications

Keep up-to-date with your 6-month EWP certifications with our professional service. Our technicians are reliable and will cause as little disruption as possible during the inspection process. We’ll also ensure your paperwork is kept up-to-date.

Major Inspections (10-Year Rebuilds)

Your EWP and other access equipment must go through major inspections that need to be completed after 10 years, then every 5 years after that. These inspections apply in other situations too. Imported machines can be affected too – contact us today for advice on what you need to do.

This major inspection is often called a 10-year rebuild. It involves stripping down and sandblasting all the crucial parts as well as carrying out any necessary repairs. This includes completing critical welds and testing all cracks. We also check and replace as required the bushes and pins and we check the electrical and hydraulic systems.

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