Scissor LiftS06 ACE+ - Scissor Lift

S06 ACE+ Scissor Lift

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● Performance+

1. Industry Leading Platform Capacity – Maximum increase up to 40% compared to the original model

2. Side and Rear Forklift Pockets – Multiple choices for transport efficiency

3. Lithium-Ion Battery with Long Duty Cycle and Fast Recharging – High-density battery pack with five-year warranty

4. High Strength Damage Resistant Tyres Compound – Double the life compared to conventional tyres


● Reliability+

5.Integrated Four-in-One Motor Controller – 40% reduction in connections and harnesses

6.New Platform Control Box – The durability of the touch pad is greatly improved, the new surface cleans easily, and the display is three times larger

7.Reliable Load Sensing System – Less affected by temperature and friction, scissor angle sensor reliability improvement


● Environment+

8. Hydraulic Oil Leak Containment – For applications with zero leak tolerance

9. Electric Actuator Steering System – No hydraulic oil, faster steering speed and 66% reduction in energy consumption

10. Gravity Down Energy Recovery System – Battery charge regeneration during platform descent

11. Highest Efficiency Electric Drive System – 15% decrease in energy consumption and higher power density

12. Highest Efficiency Electric Lift Pump System – 20% decrease in energy consumption and higher power density

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