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If you’re in need of a reliable and high-quality boom lift, look no further than Access Specs. As a trusted provider of industrial machinery, Access Specs offers an extensive range of boom lifts for sale.

What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift, also known as an aerial work platform or cherry picker, is a versatile piece of equipment designed to provide temporary access to elevated areas. It consists of a platform or bucket attached to a hydraulic arm, or boom, which can be extended vertically and horizontally to reach various heights and positions.

The primary purpose of a boom lift is to enable workers to safely access elevated work areas that are otherwise challenging or impossible to reach using traditional means like ladders or scaffolding.

These elevated areas may include building exteriors, rooftops, utility poles, bridges, or tree canopies. Cherry pickers are commonly used in a wide range of industries such as construction, maintenance, painting, signage installation, landscaping, and more.

Whatever your lifting requirements, we’re confident we can meet them. Take a look at our boom lift selection today.

Why Choose Access Specs Lifts

Choose Access Specs for all things EWP-related, from quality products for sale to industrial painting services – and benefit from our wide selection, exceptional quality, and dedicated customer support. With an extensive boom lift collection for sale, we offer options to meet your specific needs, whether it’s electric hybrids or diesel-powered, telescopic or articulating booms.

Access Specs prioritises reliability, ensuring rigorous inspections and maintenance. Our knowledgeable team provides expert guidance throughout the selection process, delivering exceptional customer support from start to finish.

Safety is paramount, and Access Specs equips our boom lifts with advanced safety features to protect operators and workers. When you choose Access Specs, you choose a trusted partner who puts quality, customer satisfaction, and safety first.

Shop our boom lift collection today, or get in touch with the Access Specs team to find out more.

Superior Quality

At Access Specs, quality is of utmost importance. Our boom lifts uphold industry-leading standards. Each boom lift undergoes rigorous inspections and maintenance to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and safety. By investing in a boom lift from Access Specs, you can have confidence in its durability and longevity.

Extensive Selection

Access Specs takes pride in offering a wide boom lift collection for sale. Whether you require electric or diesel-powered lifts, telescopic or articulating booms, or various height and capacity options, they have the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements.

Our comprehensive inventory ensures that you can find the ideal boom lift to enhance your productivity and efficiency. We also sell an excellent range of scissor lifts , mast lifts, and vertical lifts – take a look at our product offerings online now!

Enhanced Safety Features

At Access Specs, we understand the paramount importance of safety in industrial operations. That’s why all our lifts are equipped with advanced safety features to protect operators and workers.

From safety harness attachments and emergency stop buttons to robust stabilisation systems, all our lifts are specially designed to mitigate risks and promote a secure working environment. Give yourself the peace of mind that only quality equipment can provide, and shop with Access Specs today.

Versatility and Reach

With Access Specs’ boom lift collection, you gain access to versatile lifting equipment suitable for various applications. Whether you need to work at great heights, maneuver in tight spaces, or reach challenging angles, all our lifts on offer provide exceptional versatility and maneuverability. This flexibility enables you to tackle a wide range of projects efficiently and effectively.


Access Specs strives to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers. By offering the best quality EWP systems, we enable businesses to access premium equipment without the need for heavy upfront investments. Additionally, our well-maintained cherry pickers require minimal ongoing maintenance, reducing long-term operating costs and maximising your return on investment.

Expert Guidance and Support

Choosing the right boom lift can be a daunting task, but Access Specs is here to assist you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable team of experts is ready to provide guidance and support, helping you select the perfect lift that aligns with your specific needs and budget.

From initial inquiries to after-sales support, Access Specs is committed to delivering exceptional customer experience. Get in touch with us today to get your new boom lift!

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Do you need a boom lift for your project? Access Specs stands out as a reliable and trusted provider. With an extensive selection of top-quality boom lifts, a focus on safety and durability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Access Specs is the go-to destination for all your lifting equipment needs.

Whether you’re working in construction , maintenance, painting, signage installation or landscaping, you can elevate your operations with our exceptional boom lift collection. Contact us today.

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