This cert is needed to ensure your EWP is safe and compliant to health and safety regulations. Completed by CBIP qualified technicians,we will get your machine back running quickly and safely in no time. Call us to book on 0800 346 454

A major inspection is required for your EWP in 10 years from purchase then every 5 years after that, this is a comprehensive service to keep your EWP safe, efficient and in compliance with the latest standards. With a complete disassembly of your EWP, independent crack testing, and factory upgrades and improvements we complete a thorough inspection of your EWP.

Yes, like your car requiring a WOF your EWP is the same. No matter how often you operate it, a 6 month cert is needed to keep it compliant with health and safety regulations.

No, we have service technicians across NZ covering both North Island and South Island. Call us today on 0800 346 454 to book in your certification or major inspection.

Our mobile technicians are located across nz, with our workshops in Mount Wellington Auckland, Christchurch.

We operate 24/7 for breakdowns, if this unfortunately happens to you call us on our 0800 346 454  number and we will organise a technician to come to you.

We supply parts for all EWP brands, DINGLI, Altec, Aichi, JLG, Genie and more. 

We will be able to help! Get in contact with us by emailing parts@accessspecs.co.nz or call 0800 346 454, with the machine details and our team will be able to identify the part and organise this for you. 

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