Major Inspections

At Access Specs, we take EWP inspections to the next level with our CBIP Level 2 Inspectors. Equipped with the expertise and knowledge, our inspectors are capable of conducting major inspections, including 10-year rebuilds, for all makes and models of EWPs. Your equipment’s longevity and optimal performance is our priority, and our detailed inspections help identify potential issues early on, ensuring safety and reducing downtime. Trust our professionals to handle your major inspections with utmost precision and care.


Thorough and Comprehensive Inspection

We perform a complete disassembly of your EWP, checking each component to identify wear, damage, or potential failures. Our highly skilled team conducts extensive tests to ensure that all systems are functioning properly.


Independent Crack Testing

We use advanced testing methods to detect hidden cracks or fissures that could compromise the structural integrity of your EWP. With our independent crack testing (NDT) report, you can have complete confidence in the equipment’s safety.


Factory Upgrades and Improvements

During the Major Inspection, we identify opportunities for upgrades and improvements based on the latest guidelines and best practices. We can provide factory upgrades and implement modifications to optimise the performance and safety of your EWP.

About Us

At Access Specs, we have over 30 years of experience providing support, maintenance, repair, and certification services for EWP owners and users of other types of access equipment. We’re reliable, and our workmanship is second to none.

Whatever service you need for your EWP or telehandler, we’ve got you covered. Our team of technicians can complete the work at your location, or it can be done at our well-equipped indoor workshop in Mount Wellington, Auckland. It has a capacity of up to 20 tons. We work on all makes and models of equipment, including Dingli, Snorkel, Genie, Nifty, Mec, Haulotte, SkyJack, JLG, Bronto, Aichi and more.


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