Investing in Efficiency: Tips for Businesses Looking to Buy a Scissor Lift

Efficiency and productivity are paramount in business, regardless of what your company does. If you’re interested in buying a scissor lift, it’s vital that you take the right steps and make your decision wisely. Scissor lifts are essential tools that can significantly enhance operational efficiency, improve safety and increase productivity, so having a good one can really help your company. 

But with so many options available, how do you know which one to pick? Let’s review some tips that all NZ business owners should consider before they make their final decisions. 

What To Consider Before You Choose Your New Scissor Lift

Before you order anything, thoroughly think about these tips:

Think About Your Situation To Understand Your Requirements. Every business is unique, so a scissor lift that’s perfect for someone else may not be ideal for you. Think about the specific needs you’re trying to fill by buying a scissor lift.

  • Height Requirements. What is the maximum height that you’re trying to reach? Not all scissor lifts have the same height capabilities, so make sure you know where you’re planning to reach to pick a lift that’s adequate for you.
  • Load Capacity. Always check the load capacity of the lift you’re looking at and compare that to the amount of weight that it would be lifting if you purchased it. Remember to think about the weight of the people using the lift, the tools that they’ll carry, any materials they’ll have and anything else that will be put on the lift. 
  • Lift Dimensions. Think about the size of the space that the lift will be used in and be sure that it’s not too big to safely be used there. 

Choose The Right Power Source For Your Lift. These lifts can be powered by various sources, with each option being suited to specific environments and tasks:

  • Electric Scissor Lifts. Electric lifts are ideal for indoor use, and they’re generally quieter and don’t produce hazardous emissions. 
  • Diesel Scissor Lifts. Diesel lifts are typically more powerful and robust, and they’re great for outdoor use. 

When buying your scissor lift, always check the power source and explore all of your options while thinking about how you’ll use it. 

Consider The Lift’s Mobility And Maneuverability. Reflect on the layout of your work area and how you’ll need to move your scissor lift around it. Compact scissor lifts with excellent manoeuvrability are great for smaller spaces. Conversely, robust lifts with good mobility are good for larger spaces with uneven grounds. If you’re planning on using your lift on rough terrain, be sure its tyres are suited for the land. 

Assess Safety Features. Naturally, safety should always be one of your top priorities for your team, regardless of what you’re doing. Working at heights is inherently dangerous, so check what kind of safety features your prospective scissor lift has.

  • Guardrails And Toe Boards. These can prevent falls and keep your operators safe, as well as anyone around the scissor lift who could be injured by falling objects or people. 
  • Emergency Descent Systems. These systems allow for safe lowering of the platform in case of power failure. 
  • Stability Controls. Outriggers or stabilisers enhance the lift’s stability on uneven surfaces. 

Think About Your Budget. Naturally, when making any purchase for your business, it’s best to create a realistic budget to avoid spending too much. Don’t just think about the initial price of buying your scissor lift; also consider maintenance, repairs, operational costs and anything else. Remember that while higher-quality lifts may cost a bit more, they’re an investment in productivity, safety and growth for your company. 

Look At The Seller Themselves. Before purchasing anything, look at the dealer themselves. Consider their other services, their experience and any other way in which they show that they’re a reliable, reputable source for top-notch equipment in NZ. 

Plan For Regular Maintenance. Think about routine maintenance before you buy your scissor lift, not after. Regular maintenance is absolutely vital for the longevity, safety and performance of your scissor lift. Create a realistic maintenance schedule based on the specific lift you’re considering. This will allow you to understand what responsibilities you’re taking on before you invest in your scissor lift. Along with maintenance, be sure you and your team inspect the lift daily before it’s used.

Finding The Ideal Scissor Lift For Your NZ Business

If you’re ready to buy, then we at Access Specialties are ready to provide you with a scissor lift that meets your needs. We have a wide range of top-quality scissor lifts for you to browse through. We also have mast lifts, boom lifts and plenty of helpful services such as 6 month safety certifications, major inspections, electrical testing and more. 

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